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shirts OAKLEY - Local SS Plaid
When a tee is too casual and a long-sleeve dress shirt is too dressy, the Local Short Sleeve Plaid is the perfect middle ground. Elastane adds a touch of stretch to the soft cotton of our Local SS Plaid. Mesh inside the collar keeps it breathable, and there´s a handy eyewear wipe at the bottom placket.
shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Bless Up
shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Darna
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shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Sharron´s HotSpot
€79.99 €47.99
Roark was founded in Laguna, CA as a reaction against the big surf brands that no longer stood for anything. Twice a year, the company creates fictional stories of adventure. Not only do they create content around these stories, but their clothing lines are build around them. They inform everything down to the designs, materials and colorways.
shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Well Worn (Woven)

The well worn woven is redesigned and rethought. We´ve removed some formality to make this more travel friendly and resourced an extremely soft micro twill that´s been washed down for a well traveled feel.