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  • Brand: The Roark Revival
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man-jackets THE ROARK REVIVAL - Axeman
€189.99 €113.99

The Axeman is one of our longest standing designs. Known to provide excellent protection come winter, the unique clasps and design of the Axeman standout. Constructed with a wool blend shell fabric and lined with lofty sherpa, we continue to evolve this well-known and successful style into a style that will outlast trend and continue as a brand favorite.

shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Bless Up
shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Darna
man-t-shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Darna jacquard knit
From our campsite each evening on a grassy peak in the Ninepin Islands, we´d watch the sky try on every pastel color before the lights went out.
It looked a little something like the yarn-dyed stripes on the Ninepin Knit.
man-shorts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Day Tripper By Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas signature style, 19” elastic waist short. Heavy Artifact wash with lightweight cotton stretch fabric. Built to be the best all-around, comfort short whether skating or lounging.

man-hybrid-shorts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Explorer

In the water and on land, Roark Revival´s quick-drying Explorer Short is super versatile and should not be missed in summer or on any holiday.

man-pants THE ROARK REVIVAL - Hwy 128 Pant

g country road connecting the central California valley to Fort Brag through the Redwoods. It´s also our newest Straight Fit jean with a little more room in the rise and in the hip down through the knee to the leg opening.

man-pants THE ROARK REVIVAL - Hwy 133 Slim Fit Denim
The 133 is a special road that winds its way to Roark´s hometown of Laguna Beach. It´s the foundation for our denim program with the most timeless fit and simplified approach to design. The raw indigo denim allows you to create the wear and to ingrain your story of travel and life. If after years of wear you feel inspired, send them back to us with stories and pictures of your adventures. In return we´ll send you a new pair, while your old ones tell their story through the stains and rips.
man-pants THE ROARK REVIVAL - Hwy128 5-Pocket

Constructed like denim, feels like chinos. First introduced in the 1960´s to solve leg twist problems, the diagonal weave brings an unmatched level of comfort to your pant collection. This will fit slightly larger than the HWY 128 denim.

  • On sale!
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man-t-shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Junque Paradise
€44.99 €27.00

The junque boat in Hong Kong is dying a slow death. But they´re still good for a booze cruise around the harbour. Just don´t fall overboard, the greater Hong Kong was home to the most tiger shark attacks the world had seen in the 1990´s.

long-sleeves THE ROARK REVIVAL - Knives Ls

The natives used a variety of hunting knives. Skinning, boning, cutting and stabbing. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the blade.