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man-jackets THE ROARK REVIVAL - Axeman
€189.99 €113.99

The Axeman is one of our longest standing designs. Known to provide excellent protection come winter, the unique clasps and design of the Axeman standout. Constructed with a wool blend shell fabric and lined with lofty sherpa, we continue to evolve this well-known and successful style into a style that will outlast trend and continue as a brand favorite.

shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Bless Up
hats THE ROARK REVIVAL - Camo Safecamp
  • Roark Safe Camp Hat
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beanies THE ROARK REVIVAL - Ceann
€29.99 €17.99
shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Darna
man-t-shirts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Darna jacquard knit
From our campsite each evening on a grassy peak in the Ninepin Islands, we´d watch the sky try on every pastel color before the lights went out.
It looked a little something like the yarn-dyed stripes on the Ninepin Knit.
man-shorts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Day Tripper By Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas signature style, 19” elastic waist short. Heavy Artifact wash with lightweight cotton stretch fabric. Built to be the best all-around, comfort short whether skating or lounging.

man-hybrid-shorts THE ROARK REVIVAL - Explorer

In the water and on land, Roark Revival´s quick-drying Explorer Short is super versatile and should not be missed in summer or on any holiday.

hats THE ROARK REVIVAL - Ghostider
  • The afterlife is all about continuing to do the obscenely dangerous shit that got you killed in the first place.