acessorios STICKY BUMPS - Bethany Hamilton Garden Isle...
Our new Bethany Hamilton signature candle line was developed closely with Bethany, who had her beloved Kauai in mind. Some of the island´s iconic locations are paired with quintessential Hawaiian fragrances. They will transport you from anywhere in the world to Kauai´s beaches and gardens.
wax STICKY BUMPS - Hawaiian Coconut 5OZ Tin
Get lit with this Sticky Bumps 5oz. Tin Hawaiian Coconut Scented Surf Wax Candle from Sticky Bumps! Whether you´re hoping to create a romantic moment, kill the smell from your gym bag, or read by candlelight, Warehouse Skateboards recommends firing up this bad boy and enjoying ye old-fashioned light bulb.
wax STICKY BUMPS - Original Blueberry 5OZ Tin
acessorios STICKY BUMPS - Pop´s Stash Mug Candle Bayberry...
A candle with a dual purpose. First, enjoy the candle with the throwback bayberry scent reminiscent of the first scented surf wax… then when you´re finished with your candle, clean out the wax and let it begin it´s second life as your go-to mug for your morning cup o´ Joe.
wax STICKY BUMPS - Tour Series Surf Wax
Long lasting and easy to apply. Optimal for water temps 69°F-20°C and below.