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OCEAN & EARTH - Regular...
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surf-leashes OCEAN & EARTH - Regular Moulded 7´ Leash
€37.49 €29.99
Keen to get some solid waves? Then you can´t go past the Regular Moulded Leash - 7ft! Built to handle up to 8ft swell you´ll be able to get bazzed with no worries in the world.
surf-backpacks OCEAN & EARTH - Wetsuit Dry Sack
Fits wetsuit and wet gear
Welded PVC construction
Clip closure system
Keep your important gear dry while you get wet.
surf-acessories OCEAN & EARTH - Key Vault Lock
SAFE KEY STORAGE WHILE SURFING Internal key compartment size: 69mm wide x 74mm high x 22mm deep • Dial code combination locking• Large key storage area - fits most key types • Heavy duty toughened steel
MAKIA - Patio Slip-on
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shoes MAKIA - Patio Slip-on
€99.99 €49.99

Easy slip-on shoe with a rubber sole.

OCEAN & EARTH - Longboard...
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surf-leashes OCEAN & EARTH - Longboard Regular 9´0 Moulded...
€39.99 €31.99
Wave Size: 6ft (1.8m) Cord Dia. : 9⁄32" (7mm) Strap : 50mm - 2 x Padded DIAMOND-FLEX MOULDAdvanced mould design with flex diamonds.
beginner-surfboards OCEAN & EARTH - Fester 5´2
€525.98 €420.79
The Fester model features a wide outline with slight hip through the tail. Combined with a single into double concave bottom, rail thumb grooves and five fin set up the Fester is the ultimate high performance soft board!
OCEAN & EARTH - Premium 7´0...
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surf-leashes OCEAN & EARTH - Premium 7´0 One XT
€48.99 €39.19

Surfing big waves? So you definitely need a surfboard guide you can trust! The Premium One-XT Leash - 7 feet is super strong and is perfect for surfing waves up to 10 feet. Our surfboard leashes are recognized as the strongest in the world.

surf-acessories OCEAN & EARTH - High N Dry Wetty Bucket
Tough waterproof fabric with welded seams
Smaller bucket that still holds large size steamer
Collapses when not in use
Width: 380mm
Height : 280mm
surf-acessories OCEAN & EARTH - UV Solacure Epoxy Resin
Includes 28g (1oz) Tube of Fibreglass Impregnated Epoxy Resin,
Fibreglass Cloth,
Sand paper & applicator
bags OCEAN & EARTH - Waterproof Key Pouch
Ideal for all types of water sports,
Keep valuables with you safe & dry,
Heat-welded PVC construction,
Fits in your boardshort pockets,
Perfect for Indo reef boat rides.
hats OCEAN & EARTH - Indo Stiff Peak Surf Hat
Stiff front brim to keep clear vision also flips up for paddling. Padded neoprene inner head band for comfort, Safety loop - attach to wetsuit zipper webbing for added security